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The Perfect Compact Computer Desk

Working on a desk in front of the monitor everyday was hard on my eyes. I found myself wishing I could move my huge monitor back farther, but my standard desk didn’t have enough space. I decided to purchase a nested desk made of two sections so that I could move the monitor to a more ergonomical distance from my eyes. I soon discovered that there weren’t many such desks on the market and the desks that were for sale where ugly, out of style, overly expensive, or made of particle board.

I needed a desk that would take up as little space as possible in my small apartment. At the same time I also wanted my desk to double as a TV stand. It had to be a nested desk so that I could adjust how far back I sat from the monitor. After some research and experimental building, I discovered the best desk I’ve ever used, and it looks cool too. I liked it soo much, I decided to sell it as a product online to other people at a very affordable rate.

My name’s Angelo Bonavera and I’ve designed the perfect, most affordable small space computer desk currently on the market.


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What Makes This Nested Computer Desk So Great

  • Space Saving Computer Desk

    The Angelo Desk is one of the most compact computer desks on the market. It's perfect for a small apartment, dorm, bedroom or anywhere where you don't want a desk to take up too much space. View image , Gallery
  • Custom Painted To Match The Color of Your Room

    I will paint the Angelo Desk any color you choose. I recommend painting the desk the same, or close to the same, color as the paint on the walls of your room. View imageGallery
  • Ergonomic Distance To Monitor

    The Angelo Desk is a nested desk made up of two separate pieces. The keyboard section can be moved as far away from the monitor section as necessary, making it a perfect desk for a large monitor. This type of options isn't available using standard desks. View imageGallery
  • Doubles As A TV Stand

    The Angelo Desk's design is so minimal and generic, it can double as a TV or monitor stand without losing aesthetic appeal. View imageGallery
  • Crafted From Sturdy Oak And Pine Wood

    The Angelo Desk is a very sturdy computer desk. It's crafted from oak and pine wood, making it much sturdier than standard popular particle board desks. The complete desk weighs 21lbs so it's very easy to move. View imageGallery
  • Contemporary Design

    The Angelo Desk has a very minimal contemporary design allowing it to compliment almost any decor. View imageGallery
  • Doubles As A Corner Desk

    Placing the nested sections of the Angelo Desk against either side of the wall allows it to double as a corner desk. This is perfect for doing homework with a laptop. View imageGallery
  • Affordable Computer Desk

    The Angelo Desk is the most affordable contemporary nested computer desk on the market using quality oakwood and pinewood. Other desks run for the same rate, but are made of either particle board or heavy metals. View imageGallery

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